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Based in Lurgan, the aim of "Show-Offs" Pet Grooming is to give your pets a happy experience, in a calming, caring environment. Their welfare is of paramount importance to us. They are treated as one of our own whilst in our care, we have a very gentle approach and understand the importance of treating animals with kindness, patience and respect. We know that your pet is an important member of your family and we promise to make him or her feel safe and comfortable while in our care. We only use positive actions - no harsh words.
"Show-Offs" is fully insured and has a policy that there will be no more than 1 dog in the grooming area at any time. This 1-1 policy makes it a less stressful experience for the dog. We will only groom and style your pet if it does not put undue stress or cause discomfort. We will not sacrifice your pet's safety and comfort for vanity.

"You are more than welcome to stay with your dog if you wish while it is being groomed."


2 Franklyn Park

Gilford Rd

Lurgan BT66 7AJ

Tel: 02838323893

Mob: 07749526220